Vintage is here to stay!!!!

All forecasts for spring and fall 2012 indicate vintage era fashions are here to stay. We have shows like Pan Am and Mad Men to thank for bringing the glamorous side of vintage couture back to life as they portrayed the captivating and enchanting side of fashion couture. It has even made its way into hairstyles as well; just check out photos from this year’s Golden Globe Awards. Open any spring 2012 fashion magazine and you’ll see everything from brooches to vintage-inspired bathing suits with high waisted bottoms and matching sarongs. Classic vintage-era accessories abound as well, with the enchanting and bewitching lines of long drippy “shoulder duster” earrings, entrancing brooches, and the ever prestigious pearl! Everywhere you look, proof that designers have turned to history for inspiration is glaringly evident!

The spectacular artistry and beauty of the items we choose for Channeling Coco’s clients ensures the chic vintage look just right for you. And, if you don’t see just the right piece here, simple email us and provide a photo of the items you’re accessorizing and allow us to find one that will instantly elevate your outfit from blaze’ to tre’ chic.